When A Belief Becomes A Delusion ~ How Egopaths Want Us To See Them

When A Belief Becomes A Delusion ~ How Egopaths Want Us To See Them

When A Belief Becomes A Delusion written by Conner Wood

Beliefs are an idea we hold as true about reality itself. When we believe, it means we hold said belief as factually accurate, as being as real as reality.

Our primitive physical senses are capable of detecting certain changes in our surroundings to help keep us aware and alive.

Not all changes… and that’s where the Evolutionary Advantage of being able to THINK comes into play. The power to predict not just from our senses, but past experiences, from memory. Truly adaptable.

To help us on our differentiation skills, allow me to introduce the biologically immortal (yet delicious with butter) Lobster.

The original Lobster Trap can be escaped from, but most lobsters can’t figure out how to go back the way they came in.

We mind f*ck them with cone entrances, where getting in is easier than getting out.

However, more advanced traps nowadays angle the cone slightly to make getting out much harder and have a separate escape vent (mandatory by law) for smaller lobsters or other things to leave to grow to yum yum size.

Much like the Lobster that is lead to believe it can’t escape, we too, can hold a false belief.

Relying purely on our senses will shape our beliefs faster than reasoning what is reality, it’s why we jump to conclusions without thinking things through… however a false belief can be changed fairly easily, some Ghost Traps that can’t be retrieved will degrade automatically and fall apart, allowing the lobster to be free and potentially caught once more.

But imagine a Lobster that believed it was still trapped despite being able to literally walk away. This type of belief is what we call a Delusion.

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Delusion – a belief that a mind firmly holds to be accurate. Regardless of how much positive and negative available evidence goes against the belief. Regardless of whether the current belief actually is accurate or even possible.

A Belief

Meet Pinchy the Lobster 🦞 from The Simpsons S10 Ep7

Well, this is how Homer Simpson sees his pet lobster.

But Homer is seeing what isn’t there… A false belief. A Delusion.

Marge, his wife, wants Homer to put Pinchy in the boiling pot of water, without rubber bands on which is very important to do to not taint the delicate flavor. I recommend removing the bands with scissors, starting with the slow crusher claw to maximize your chances of success of keeping your fingers.

But Homer refuses and attempts to show Marge what he sees!

But Marge, Look!

Because of Homers Delusions, Marge comes face to face with the real life Eldritch Horror named Pinchy.

They really got the eyes right.

And this is how Egopaths want us to see them, as harmless innocent babies that we must take care of, but we know what they really are through experience.

I personally think you can hold a delusional belief even if it’s true, as long as you arrived at the right conclusion the wrong way. It’s about how you win…

In order to prevent delusional beliefs, one must reserve judgement and consider the evidence, both past and present. To consider if anythings changed your senses alone could not or didn’t detect. You may very well still hold a false belief, but your beliefs will be grounded in evidence making the odds in your favor.

Don’t ever forget Egopaths are Delusional and ultimately choose to remain the way they are.

Don’t be like Homer and think there is goodness in something DEVOID of goodness.

To help with that, I’ve got most of what I need done on THE MASK OF PERFECTION, enjoy:

A Belief
A Belief
A Belief
A Belief
A Belief
A Belief

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