7 Ways To Let Go Of Shame

7 Ways To Let Go Of Shame

Shame meme!

Shame is a deteriorating feeling. It keeps so many people from moving on in life. In this article, I give you 7 ways to let go of shame and start enjoying life once again. Believe me, you are not the only one who has done things that they regret.

You are not the only one who regrets staying with a person who constantly disrespected them. And you are not the only one who feels shame for giving up who you are.

But…you can be someone who lets go of that shame meme.

Moving on at times can feel like it is not attainable. Those negative thoughts seem to claw their way into our minds and never let go.

If you have been struggling to move on and letting go of the past along with the pain, check out my “100 Ways To Let Go And Move On With Life After Narcissistic Abuse” article.

Shame corrodes the part of us that believes we can change.- Brene Brown. Click To Tweet

7 Ways To Let Go Of Shame Meme

1 – Avoid Rumination

shame meme

Yes, I know!

“Easier said than done.”

However, the mind starts to ruminate on the past when we have nothing to focus on in the present. To avoid rumination one of the best things you can do is to immerse yourself in an activity that genuinely brings you happiness.

By doing the things you love or by learning something that you have a great fascination for, you will be able to place your focus on something that makes you better.

Rumination is a hell of torture.

But in learning something new, has the potential to remove old negative memories.

Check out this article “Scientists Already Know How to ‘Erase’ Your Painful Memories… And Add New Ones“.

It is a very amazing mind hack that we should all cultivate so that we can live happily.

2 – Learn To Be Compassionate With Yourself

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You must learn to see yourself as if you were your own child or your best friend.

You would never talk badly to your child or to your best friend.

We have all done things in life to which we have greatly regretted. But if your friend came to you and told you about the things they did that made them feel shame you wouldn’t badger them by telling them how stupid they are.

You would give them words of compassion.

And so, too, must you give yourself words of compassion.

You will never be able to get rid of shame. You have to overwhelm it with something good. - Tony Robbins. Click To Tweet

3 – Let Go Of The Opinion Of Others

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What hurts so many of us, and what keeps so many of us living in shame, is the idea of what others may think about us. We allow the opinions of others to dictate our lives and how we view ourselves.

However, giving this type of power to people WHOM YOU DO NOT KNOW OR WILL NEVER KNOW, is one of the leading causes for so many to have low self-esteem, as well as have MANY REGRETS later on.

Most people’s last words are words of regrets. And one of the major regrets that many people profess is “caring TOO MUCH what people thought about them.

I often tell myself every day, and I think about it strongly at night before I go to sleep, that “I AM GOING TO DIE“.

Reminding yourself that you are going to die, is easily one of the most motivating ideas you can use to get yourself out of that state of thinking “everyone will laugh at me”.

Who cares?

You are going to die and they are going to die.

But not everyone is going to live.

Just because you exist doesn’t mean you are alive.

So stop letting the walking dead masses dictate how you live your life.

4 – Cultivate Mindfulness: Shame Meme

shame meme

Meditation is NOT OVERRATED.

It helps you learn how to manage your thoughts and guide them in a direction that YOU WANT.

You must learn to see your thoughts as sheep and you the shepherd.

The reason many of us allow shame to have such a hold on us is that we allow our thoughts to wander off in the past. Shame is like wolf. And our thoughts are like sheep.

Meditation makes us our shepherd.

Guide your thoughts to green pastures of self-love and happiness.

5 – Accept What Has Happened: Amor Fati

shame gif

Amor Fati” is Latin for “The love of fate“.

You don’t have to love what has happened. But learning to just accept what has happened is a huge movement in the right direction.

Life moves forward, and in you not being able to accept what has happened in the past, you only keep yourself in the past with that shame.

By accepting what you did, or what others have done, you allow yourself to let go of that shame.

Shame is like a chain and ball latched on our ankle on the climb up of a mountain summit. Acceptance of what has happened is the key that unlocks that shackle.

6 – Build Your Self-Esteem

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In my article “How To Boost Your Confidence And Self-Esteem After A Discard” I give you over 10 different ways to boost your self-esteem and confidence.

7 – Embrace Being Flawsome

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Flawsome is the combing of two words.

These words being “Flaws” + “Handsome“.

Learn to see your flaws as something that gives you your charm. No one is above making mistakes. In accepting your flaws you not only get rid of shame but you also never allow others to wave that over your head.

Need to talk with a professional?

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There are many benefits to speaking with a therapist.

3 thoughts on “7 Ways To Let Go Of Shame

  1. Taking on a new identity will eliminate shame and guilt. My utmost victory to claim over a narcissist is to have new life in Christ. My new identity in Christ has the narc in my life lost and confused, always chasing his own tail. John 10:10 says, “the thief comes to only steal, kill, and destroy; but I came that you may have and enjoy an overflow of life…”. Words spoken by Jesus Christ. The new identity wipes your slate clean by forgiving you, accepting you, and giving you new life (born again).

    1. When I became a committed Christian, my narc Mother was really bothered by her loss of control over me. Very interesting turn in events

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