7 Ways To Keep Being Unhappy With Your Life

7 Ways To Keep Being Unhappy With Your Life

7 Ways To Keep Being Unhappy With Your Life

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Human life is an unfair experience where we, individual beings, are given a finite amount of time, in what appears to be an eternal existence. We are expected to understand so much, with so little time.

It is a struggle to be happy. It is a constant battle to drive off the negative thinking and feelings we have daily. And it is torturous warfare to be who we want to be.

Life, as I so often say, is a once chance opportunity. I often say to live life while you can.

But for many people, life is so unbearable that they want to give up and remain unhappy.

So, unlike other articles out there that would try and persuade you to be happy, I will do the opposite.

I want to offer you seven reasons as to why you should be unhappy and why you need to stop looking for happiness.

Because we all know, happiness can only be experienced by certain people.

And we also know that happiness is a limited emotion that only the rich and successful can have.

7 Ways To Keep Being Unhappy With Your Life

1 – Never Take Responsibility For Your Life


This is very important. You must NEVER EVER take responsibility for your decisions for your life.

Taking responsibility for your life could actually mean that you could…scoff…be…HAPPY.

And we don’t want that.


Just deciding to say, “I WILL LIVE MY ONE LIFE ON MY TERMS.”

And just deciding to say, “I WILL BE HAPPY AND BE ME NO MATTER WHAT.

When you decide to be responsible for your life, things could actually….NO…things WOULD become so much better.

So to counter this positive and uplifting way of thinking, place the blame for everything you do and what happens to you in life on others.

When you choose to blame the world for all your problems instead of just seeing every bad thing that has happened as a lesson, you will continue to be a victim.

And victims are never happy people.

Why be a hero when you can forever be a victim?

2 – Never Finish What You Planned On Completing


Procrastinate your ass off.

You’ll get in shape tomorrow. Why focus on today? There is always tomorrow.

You’ll start that business idea next week. You need to save up some money. But then use that money you are trying to save for your business on…I don’t know…that luxury shopping bag.

You’ll become a better person next year. New Years. Yes, the following New Year, you will make resolutions. And say this right after a week into the new year.

You don’t need to actually start the resolutions, say it and not follow up. 

So many people do that, and look where they are!

Depressed as all hell. 

Always put things off.

That is a sure-fire way to never be happy or successful in life.

The great thing about this is that if you keep putting things off, you will let your whole life pass you by.

And on your death bed, the level of sadness that you will feel will be unreal.

Knowing that you wasted your life.

So instead of smiling over the life, you lived on YOUR TERMS, you can cry full of regret over the life you wasted.

Keep this in mind and tell yourself this every day.

Your deathbed sadness will be the best unhappy moment of your life.

Keep wasting your life away.

3 – Be As Hate-Filled and Spiteful As Possible


Now, this is very important for your desire to be unhappy. Being a hurtful and spiteful person will not only make your emotional well being an issue, but it will also have many adverse side effects on your physical well-being.

All the fantastic adverse side effects that hating someone and being needlessly and irrationally angry all the time are as followed:

  • Heart problems
  • Stress
  • High blood pressure
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Poor Circulation

So next time that clerk, WHOM YOU DO NOT KNOW AND WILL NEVER SEE AGAIN, doesn’t smile at you, “The dumb ‘explicit’” hold that grudge. 

Let it fester in your heart.

How dare they not smile at you. How dare they not even care about you.

Let this hatred and small event blow up. Feed this unimportant event the nutrient of hate and let it eat away at your heart.

Remember, this person you don’t know and will never see again will hurt because you hate them WITHOUT THEM KNOWING OR CARING.

This all makes sense, right?

Hating and being irrationally angry are the best ways to be unhappy.

4 – Do Nothing With Your Life


Become a HATER.

Do nothing with your life and criticize others for daring to try to achieve something with their life.

Become a troll and watch and stalk people on Youtube and other social media platforms for daring to live out their dreams.

Take their success and happiness personal.

Even though you never met them, they are living their lives the way they want to, to rub it all in YOUR face.

By doing nothing to elevate yourself out of the situation you are in, you will never be happy.

Just sit by and observe others living life and hate them for doing so.

Waste your time and life away, hating people who dare to live their lives the way they want.

5 – Block Out Everyone Who Is Trying To Help You


Kick all the people out of your life who are actually trying to help you become better and be better.

What you need to do when people try and uplift you is to bring them down into your miserable state.

That will show them. That is what they will get for trying to help pick you up.

Who do they think they are for trying to help you?

Pulling them down is the best way to keep them far away from you.

Being lonely will make you unhappy.

6 – Keep Negative People Around You


Now, this is a no-brainer. You are the average of the five people you spend the most time around.

If you allow good people, happy people, inspiring, and uplifting people into your life, all that positive may rub off on you.

And we don’t want that.

Find people who are unhappy, cynical, quickly led to feeling upset, and downright nasty beings that pass themselves off as human beings.


  • Drunkards – Don’t be around them when they go in their drunken rage state or you can as long as you have someone to gang up on.
  • Chainsmokers
  • Addicts – these people know what you are going through, hence the need to escape reality
  • SJWs – fight unnecessary social media wars over nonsense. Always look to tear down some successful person’s life. That will show them what they get for being successful. Damn bastards!
  • College Students – these kids…um…adults….hmm kidults, know everything about everything. Everyone is racist, and everyone is a victim. Flawless logic!

7 – Be As Ungratfeul As Possible

Be ungrateful for your health. Forget about the kids who are born with cancer and other life-threatening and hampering disease.


Be ungrateful for your job. Forget about the people living homeless because they have no money.


Be ungrateful about your freedom. Forget about people who are imprisoned unjustly or political prisoners who are being tortured.


Forget about reflecting on ALL the good you have in your life. Only focus on what you DO NOT HAVE.


Keep Being Unhappy

Turn this one in a lifetime experience of life, which is meant to be a gift into a curse.

Live your life as unhappy as you can.

Be a loser instead of a winner in life and you will be as unhappy as you can.

This Is A Spoof

Listen! This is a spoof.

Life is a DAMN GIFT.

And although happiness may come more comfortable for others than it does for yourself…STOP COMPARING.

Happiness is NOT a given in life.

Those who are happy are happy because they work for it.

If you want to be happy in life, you have to fight, struggle, work, and DEMAND OF YOURSELF happiness.

We get one chance at life.

Live it while you can.

Be as happy as you can. And be happy, unapologetically.

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