7 Signs You Are Being Manipulated By A Narcissist

7 Signs You Are Being Manipulated By A Narcissist

Being Manipulated By A Narcissist

Narcissists are very sneaky, manipulative, and sketchy individuals. This probably goes without saying. Well, at least for those who have been with a narcissist.

However, for those who have started to learn about narcissists and feel like maybe something is odd about their current (this being the operative word here) relationship with them, allow me to give you seven examples of “narcissistic manipulation.”

Understand these people have an insatiable desire to control you and to break your will and ability to think for yourself.

To narcissists8 being able to manipulate us is how they can feel temporarily good about themselves.

By knowing the signs to look for, you can stop them from manipulating you and freeing yourself from their insane clutches.

7 Signs You Are Being Manipulated By A Narcissist

1 – Conversations Are All About Them (Conversation Hogs)

Manipulated By A Narcissist

“Let’s talk about me.”

One of the key signs a narcissist is manipulating you is by how much they talk about themselves. Now, don’t get me wrong; just because a person talks about themselves doesn’t always mean that they are a narcissist.

Sometimes it is good to express how proud of you are of yourself. There is nothing ring with being proud of yourself, especially if you have worked, struggled, and strived to achieve something great.

But if you are talking with someone and all they do is bring the conversation back around to them, then know this is a manipulative tactic to make you think about them.

They do this so that they can penetrate your mind and thoughts. By bringing everything you say circling back to them, they subconsciously train you to see everything about them.

Narcissists are very sneaky warriors who know how to play on people’s subconscious.

2 – They Will Gaslight The Heck Out Of You: Manipulated By A Narcissist

Manipulated By A Narcissist

Gaslighting is easily one of the narcissist favorite tactics/methods to use against their victims. To explain what gaslighting is briefly.

Gaslighting is basically “I never said that. You remember things wrong. You have such a bad memory.”

It is their method of making you doubt yourself.

By making you question your reality, you can no longer trust what you say or do.

And thus, you will be forced to accept their insane reality. They do this so that they will never have to deal with taking any responsibility for their actions.

When they do something wrong, they can say it was your fault.

It is very important, extremely important to be able to trust yourself and to write down things that happen for your use.

If you have very little trust and faith in yourself, they will steamroll the hell out of you with their insanity.


3 – They Know How To Make YOU The Bad Guy When They Do Wrong

Manipulated By A Narcissist

To piggyback off of the previous entry, narcissists know how to shift the blame on to others.

“It wasn’t my fault; you MADE ME do it.”

“You didn’t tell me. You’re trying to set me up.”

“I didn’t mean to. The devil made me do it.”

These people are kidults at the highest level. To them, taking responsibility or getting caught in their act of trying to sabotage someone, is a significant fear of theirs.

If you find yourself continually being blamed for THINGS YOU DIDN’T DO, then you are dealing with a narcissist.


4 – They Guilt Trip The Hell Out Of You

Manipulated By A Narcissist

“Hey remember when I did this for you.”

“Yeah! Yeah! I did. And remember when I DIDN’T ASK YOU TO DO IT FOR ME. You remember that?”

Listen! These people never do things for altruistic reasons. They do things so they can get a favor out of you later on.

If you find a person is trying to guilt-trip you into doing something for them that you DO NOT WANT TO DO because they did something for you, AXE THAT RELATIONSHIP.

Friendship doesn’t require that you ever owe someone something. You do things for each other because you are FRIENDS.

If someone is guilt-tripping, you get rid of them.

This is yet another narcissist’s favorite tactic.

5 – They Use Aggression To Control You

These kidults have no problem throwing temper tantrums.

Yelling, screaming, name-calling, threats, holding their breath, stomping around, and rolling around on the floor is not uncommon acts with narcissists.

If you see any of these acts, and WITHOUT CAUSE OR REASON, you may be dealing with a narcissist.

6 – They Use Triangulation To Confuse You


Like the cowards they are, they will get their foolish mindless flying monkey slaves (Yes. I have a severe disdain for these fools. They destroy lives at the cost of their own live sand GET NOTHING FOR IT. They are FOOLS) to side with them in their irrationality.

7 – The Triviliaze Your Pain and Stress

“Oh, just get over it.”

They can bring your entire world coming crashing down around you and tell you to get over it. But heaven to Murgatroyd if you didn’t warm up their syrup for their pancakes and you are worst then Hitler.

These people don’t ever want you to feel like you are wronged. And the reason for this is because if you feel wronged, then they can no longer keep sh*tting on you, and you not only thinking it is okay but also you just not seeing anything wrong with it.


This is NOT to say that you should wallow in it.

But see the pain. Feel the pain. Use the pain. And grow in pain.

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