6 Tips For Those Dealing With Depression

6 Tips For Those Dealing With Depression

Depression is a NIGHTMARE. Dealing with depression can be like a battle that seems like it will never end. And this is especially true for people who have just been discarded by a narcissist. Narcissists know how to make people feel like the absolute worst.

In this article, I will give you 6 tips to help you deal with your depression.

The more you fall into a state of depression and nihilism the more the narcissist wins.

Drinking, smoking, using drugs, being angry, and/or any other activity that causes ADDICTION — only helps the narcissist defeat you even more.

6 Tips For Those Dealing With Depression

1 – Create a Support Group

6 Tips For Those Dealing With Depression

The need to “connect” with others is crucial for your healing process. In a study, it was revealed that social connection not only helps to alleviate depression but it also has the potential to STOP relapses.

(Read the full study “Social Connections Can Help to Reduce Depression“.)

We are social animals.

Belonging to others, for many, is almost the major importance in life for them. And this is one reason as to why te discard is so…DAMAGING to many of us.

We feel like, we are not good enough and that we will not find someone who will belong to us.

And this hurts many of us.

Although the “belong” part is more indicative of immature love (read my “Love Is A Practice“), still, as social creatures, we do NEED connection with others for our emotional and psychological well-being.

2 – Reduce Your Stress

6 Tips For Those Dealing With Depression

Now, this, of course, may seem like a no-brainer.

Still, it deserves mention.

There are many hobbies that you can engage in that will greatly deal with your depression.

Learning a new language is one hobby that has been shown to help alleviate depression.

Check out my “10 Hobbies To Help Boost Your Mental Health” article to get some ideas of activities you can do to strengthen your mental health.

3 – Improve Your Sleep

6 Tips For Those Dealing With Depression

The amount of time you sleep has a strong connection to your emotional well-being. If you are oversleeping, meaning sleeping more than the recommended time of 6 to 8 hours, that is a clear sign of depression.

Depression makes you very lethargic.

And for many people, the idea of sleeping instead of actually living can seem like bliss.

But sleeping more than you are awake is only strengthening your depression.

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