6 Reasons How Saving A Dog From A Shelter Can Help You Heal From A Toxic Relationship

6 Reasons How Saving A Dog From A Shelter Can Help You Heal From A Toxic Relationship

6 Reasons How Saving A Dog From A Shelter Can Help You Heal

Dogs are, without a doubt, GOD’S GIFTS TO HUMANITY. They are, without a doubt, the most loyal and loveable species on this planet. Sorry cat lovers, but we all know that cats do not give a flip about how we feel, or at least most of them.

Now, getting back to the topic.

There are thousands of dogs in shelters right now, who are IMPRISONED and want to be free.

To be happy. To be loved. And to LIVE.

Sounds familiar?

Freeing a dog from a shelter can do wonders for your emotional state, especially if you have just been discarded or left your narc partner.

If you have never considered getting a dog, well, then give this article a read, as I give you six GREAT reasons why you may want to consider SAVING a dog.

In you saving them, they will save you on your days where you feel you have NO ONE.

6 Reasons How Saving A Dog From A Shelter Can Help You Heal

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1 – They Are Trapped Like You Were Trapped: Freeing Them Will Help Free Yourself

Dogs are very emotional animals. It has been said that they have the same level of intelligence as a toddler as well as a narcissist.

It’s disconcerting that a dog can EMPATHIZE, but a narc CANNOT.

This really makes the narc seem less human in comparison.

The saving of a dog is not only for them, but it also serves as a great metaphor for you saving that little bit of love you have left inside of you.

Dogs will be able to help you slowly learn to love something outside of yourself (assuming you still have love for yourself) again.

2 – Dogs Change Your Behavior

Dogs are a BUNDLE of fun. They truly brighten up our days and our lives. Dogs have the uncanny ability to sense when we are unhappy and do their very best to try and make us happy.

GOD…DOGS ARE AMAZING, aren’t they?

3 – They Can Distract You (In A Good Way) From Negative Thinking

A simple walk in the park with your dog can do help take your mind off of the negative past. Whenever you feel like you are revisiting the past, you can take your dog out for a nice walk in the park.

Doing something to shift your thoughts to something more positive is a great way to learn to be more aware of your thoughts.

4 -Dogs Make Us Responsible

Dogs are like toddlers. Having to take care of something that APPRECIATES WHAT YOU ARE DOING FOR THEM will help you to learn how to give love and care once again.

It is NOT uncommon for those of us who have been hurt and discarded by a narc to close in ourselves. We stop caring and loving everyone and everything.

Dogs serve as a great entry back into more positive emotions.



Enough said.


Lastly, and the most important reason why you should consider saving a dog from a shelter is that they will give you UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

They will appreciate that you have freed them, cared for them, and loved them.

And the love that you give them will be multiplied several folds over.

After living and being with a narc partner, this is EXACTLY what you need to heal.

Dogs, like I have mentioned in this article several times, ARE GOD’S GIFT TO HUMANITY.

Saving a dog from a shelter could potentially save your life as well.

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