5 Reasons Why You Should Not Move On After A Discard

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Move On After A Discard

Move On After A Discard

Leaving a person who has lied, cheated, hurt, manipulated, used, and needlessly harmed us can be one of the most difficult things to do.

I mean, living a happy, prosperous, and enjoyable life is only fictional. 

Nobody in the real world lives the lives that they want.

Well, maybe, narcissists.

And narcissists, are godly beings that have taken the liberty to give us mere mortals…THEIR COMPANY.

God, we are so unworthy.

This is precisely why you should NOT move on after they have discarded you.

If you have been discarded, and thinking about moving on and living this ONE LIFE that you have…STOP!

We have one life to live, so why in the hell live it being happy.

You should spend the rest of your life chasing after the narcissist. You should spend the rest of your life feeling and playing the victim.

And you should spend the rest of your life being as miserable and unhappy as possible.


Well, I will explain in this article.

We get one chance at life, why not waste it, right?

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Move On After A Discard

1 – If You Keep Thinking About Them They Will Come

If you keep thinking about them, they will come.

And better yet, if you keep thinking about them, they will apologize.



No, I’m just kidding.

Why would these godly beings have to ever apologize to us lowly subjects?

It is not our place to even consider them apologizing.

See, whatever attention they give to us, good or bad, is something we should value.

So, to get these heavenly beings back in our lives, keep thinking about them. And better yet, stalk the hell out of them on social media and even in real life.

By showing them that your very existence revolves around them, you will better show them how much they mean to you.

Become so obsessed with them.

Make shrines of them and pray that they will come back.

Stalk their friends and the new supply. Try and figure out what it is about them that makes the narcissist love them.

Change yourself if you have to.

Screw being your individualistic UNIQUE self.

Don’t you see, it is your uniqueness and your ability to think for yourself that got you kicked out of their lives.

Much like Adam and Eve got kicked out of Eden for eating from the tree of knowledge.

Give up your ability to think, and you will be welcomed back by these godly beings.

The more you think about them, stalk them, pray to their shrine you have built, and talk to their flying monkeys, they will eventually take you back.

Screw moving on. Waste…umm…spend your time focusing on getting back in their good graces.

2 – It Will Show Them How Loyal You Are And They Will Love…Hehehe…You

“Like a dog to its vomit…”

Listen! Narcs demand loyalty. And loyalty of the highest level.

If you can show that you will waste years to decades of your life chasing after them, on your death bed, while they are there, they will finally see you as someone worth caring about.


Assuming they think you are even considered a human being.

3 – Love Requires Suffering: Move On After A Discard

The reason that the narcissist has no returned the love you have given them and has discarded you is that you have not suffered enough. If you suffer some more, needlessly, they will take you back.

So what you need to do is:

  • Give up on your dreams and goals – you have dreams, and goals and…scoff…accomploshing them is anathema to them. It shows them how they have given up on their dreams and goals in life. Don’t hurt their precious, fragile small little egos.
  • Become overweight as hell – if you stay in shape, healthy, and look attractive, someone else will take you away from the narcissist and actually…scoff…love you for who you are. It would be best if you denigrated yourself as much as possible.
  • Become mentally broken – alcohol, depression, comparing yourself to others will be the tools you will need to mess up your mind. Also, accept their gaslighting tactics. Stop trusting and believing yourself.
  • Develop a strong sense of inadequacy – KNOW that you are nothing, and you will never be nothing.

By tearing yourself down, you can be remade whole in the image of what the narcissist wants. If this isn’t reason enough to NOT move on, I don’t know what is.

Keep wasting…um…waiting on the narc to take you back. They eventually will.

4 – You Can NEVER Find Someone Else Again

Understand this. In this world of 7+ BILLION PEOPLE, you will NEVER be able to find another love.

The narcissist you met is the ONLY PERSON WHO WILL EVER DESIRE YOU.


You know.

Just keep on stalking them and thinking about them.

They will eventually take you back.

Moving on and trying to find someone who will love you and treat you as a PARTNER is just a ludicrous idea.

Only idiots think this way.

5 – They Didn’t Tell You You Can Move On

Lastly, they did not give you PERMISSION to move on.

They have the right to move on and discard you, BUT YOU DON’T.

How does that work?




You can move on when THEY SAY IT and not before.

This Is A Spoof: Move On After A Discard


This is a spoof.


Narcissists do not care about anyone but themselves. And I dare say, I believe a majority of them have no self-love either.

They are just a walking pile of self-hatred, destruction, and irrationality all bundled up into the balls of chaos they are.

If they discarded you, silently thank them and move on with your pone life.

We get one chance at this thing called life.

Live it while you can.

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