5 Reasons It Is ALL YOUR FAULT: Why The Narcissist Left You

5 Reasons It Is ALL YOUR FAULT: Why The Narcissist Left You

It Is All Your Fault

It is an interesting question that I hear many people in our community (people who have been discarded by narcissists) ask, “Why did they leave me?

I find it interesting and quite perplexing as if people don’t know why their godly, heavenly and amazing narcissist left them.

It was because of something we did.

It is NEVER the narcissist that is in the wrong. You have to know it is ALWAYS, 1000%, US who are in the wrong.

And in this article, I will go over five reasons as to why it is your fault.

In understanding how YOU messed up, YOU will then be able to work on YOU.

YOU big silly stupid head.

YOU need to stop doing some of these nefarious things listed below and know your place.

Once you know your place in life, then the universe and the reality of the narcissist will be in balance.

Do you understand…you big silly head?

5 Reasons It Is ALL YOUR FAULT: Why The Narcissist Left You

1 – Thinking For Yourself Is Sacrilege


Sapre Aude.

This is Latin for “Dare to think for yourself.”

Around a narcissist, this is heresy.

Thinking. Trying to achieve some level of autonomy is one of the major things that irk a narcissist.

These godly beings cannot deal with someone who trie and thinks for themselves.

Come on. Why do you think god banned Adam and Eve from eating from the tree of knowledge.

Knowledge is a bad thing.

Especially when you are dealing with people that are trying to control and manipulate you.

One of the reasons you were discarded was because you dared to think for yourself.

Stop being logical, rational, and using reason.

Reason in the eyes of a narcissist is treason.

2 – Standing Up For Yourself


This is a rational response to anybody who starts to reason and use rationale.

Thinking leads to a person to start standing up for themselves. And this is something that a narcissist doesn’t like.

They like people whom they can vent, unleash their insecurity, and attack to make themselves feel good about themselves.

By standing up for yourself (learning how to be strong), you effectively reveal to them how weak and cowardice they really are.

And this is a HUGE NO-NO.

Bad human being you are. Bad.

3 – Being Happy

Happiness is a rare gift that only very few people can ever experience. If you are happy in life, that means you are taking all the happiness from the narcissists.

How does that work?

Narc Logic!

Daring to be happy over:

  • Accomplishing a dream
  • Finishing a goal
  • Meeting a new friend

All hurt the narcissist.

4 – Having A Dream and Life Goal


Having a dream and accomplishing a goal is anathema to a narcissist because it reveals to them that they are not as accomplished as they would like to think; or pretend.

By having a dream, you show them, without even trying to, how unimportant and how unskilled they are.

Even though you never wanted to or tried to.

You hurt and damaged their egos by merely having a dream.

Living your dreams means that they must by association of being close to you live a nightmare.

5 – Being


Simply being is what made the narc hate you and discard you. What do I mean?

Allow me to elucidate.

Simply being:

Caused severe pain and hurt to the narcissists.

Understand they are fragile, FRAGILE people, and any bit of criticism, which you do not even have to be knowledgeable about, is an insult to them.

So it is all your fault that they discarded you and it is all your fault for all their life problems.

This Is a Spoof: It Is ALL YOUR FAULT


This is a spoof.

The narcissist discarding you has NOTHING to do with YOU but everything to do with them.

They are the ones who are insecure. They are the ones who have issues going on in their heads. And they are the ones who ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR OTHERS.

Never allow their discarded to make you feel like you are not good enough.

They didn’t discard you because you weren’t good enough.

They discarded you because you were GREAT ENOUGH.

And it is your greatness that they know they cannot control or keep.

They didn’t discard you; they lost you.

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