3 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Not Care About The Smear Campaign

3 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Not Care About The Smear Campaign

Smear Campaign

The smear campaign can be a difficult thing to deal with. For many people, their image means a lot to them. Narcissists know this because they are all about their fragile little image.

But image and character are two different things, and I believe, as empaths, as empathic warriors, we should focus much more on our character than our image.

Image” is of the weak. “Character” is of the strong.

I wrote an article titled, “Why You Shouldn’t Defend Against The Smear Campaign,” and I received many comments of people commenting on how difficult it was just to let the smear attack slide.

Well, to better elucidate why you should NOT CARE about the smear campaign, I have taken the liberty to outline 3 POWERFUL REASONS as to why you shouldn’t care about the smear attack.

3 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Not Care About The Smear Campaign

1 – They WANT and NEED Your Attention

Smear Campaign

It is VERY IMPORTANT to know that narcissists are attention fiends of the highest caliber. They will do anything and almost everything to get your attention.

These people are like parasites, and they need certain people to feed off of. In addition to being parasites and attention fiends, they are kidults.

I want you to imagine this for a second.

When you scold a kid or refuse to pay attention to them when they do something naughty, what does the child do?

They throw pots and pans, they yell and scream, they pull up the flowers in the garden, they write on walls.


Narcissists are KIDULTS.

They have not grown up mentally, emotionally, and psychologically.

They are spoiled little brats who are just throwing a temper tantrum because you no longer deal with them or because they couldn’t control or break you.


When you lash out and tell them to stop, you GIVE THEIR FRAGILE EGOS a BOOST.

In their kidult insane minds they think: 

“Oh yeah! I’m the mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.”


Smear Campaign



They are lashing out because they want our attention.

The smear campaign is them “acting out.”

“When a child acts out, the pattern of inappropriate behavior is often used to cover up deeper feelings of pain, fear, or loneliness.” – Verywell Family

Remember, narcissists, are kids in adult bodies. They fear we will leave them, and the smear campaign is their LAST DITCH EFFORT of keeping us.

Ignore them, and YOU WIN.

2 – It Proves To The Onlookers and The Foolish Flying Monkeys The Narc Was Right

Smear Campaign

By lashing out, you show the onlookers that the narcissist was right. 

The narcissist most likely has been telling people how crazy and rude you are. And like the easily swayed manipulated FOOLS they are, they will belive the narc WITHOUT PROOF.

You lashing out will verify to the onlookers that the narcissist was right. By not saying anything, and it may take some time, the onlookers will then start to doubt the narc because you aren’t saying or doing anything to prove what the narcissist has been saying about you, right.

It would help if you practiced SELF CONTROL.

This is a must.

Otherwise, you will flip out and prove the narc right. Show the onlookers that the narc was right. And feed the egos of the foolish SLAVE flying monkeys.

“Yes. Yes. Master was able to break them. We knew master could do it. Master can tear anyone down, but can’t build themselves up. Oh no! I am thinking about myself. Master will be upset.”

Trust me. It sucks to have the narcissist get to you and have you blow up. You will feel so dirty.

Keep your COOL.

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Don’t give them what they want.

3 – The Dirt Is How You Will Bloom: Smear Campaign

Smear Campaign

“It is better to have people throw dirt on your name than to pull you down in the mud with them.”

Let me repeat that again and I will explain.

It is better to have people throw dirt on your name than to pull you down in the mud with them. Click To Tweet

From dirt, flowers rise.

If they are throwing dirt on your name, let them. Let their slandering and name-pulling through the dirt, be the process that develops your character.

They are people without character. To them, they can never understand what it is to have self-respect.

During the whole smear campaign, while you remain calm, cool, and collected, you will come out of it WITH MASSIVE SELF-RESPECT.

Self-respect that you did not let the OUTSIDE world influence, control, or damage your inner world (sanctuary).

By not lashing out at the smear campaign, you don’t play in the mud with them. And know this, they are hellbent on making you as dirty as them.

Let them throw dirt on your name. Your reputation may take a hit, but your character will most certainly develop.

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