How I Learned To Spot Covert Narcissists

When I started seeing a therapist, she asked me, “You don’t know what creepy is, do you?” I remember kind of looking at her in this quizzical way because I did not know what she was getting at. However, upon giving the query a little bit of consideration, it had dawned on me that I had spent my whole life marveling at others when they would say someone was creepy or weird or “off.”

Sometimes Love Is Not Enough

Sometimes Love Is Not Enough

I gave unconditional love, I boosted his ego, gave him ridiculous amounts of praise, respect, accolades. I made every tiny accomplishment a monumental congratulation. I took care of his parents, took care of his dying brother, I drove him to work and picked him up (23 miles, 45-70 minutes one way) in traffic, for almost 3 years, because he lost his driving privilege. Note: I worked seven minutes from our home.

Want Your Narcissist’s Commitment To You?

If TV and Hollywood have taught us anything, it is this. TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL. Narcissistic people can change and be committed to their victims…um, lovers. All they need is a good leash to keep us forever linked in their hands. Um…I mean a good reason to stay. So in this article, I will explain how you can make your narcissist stay committed to you.