Let The Narcissist Move Right Back In With You: Life Will Be Better This Time

So you guys separated for the umpteenth time and you feel like you want to move on. But then all of a sudden you get a text message from them asking, “Hey, how you doin’ ;)”. Now you are questioning if you can really stay separated. Well, if you are thinking about them coming back in your life…Let Your Narcissist Move Right Back In With You.


Do This To Keep Thinking About The Narcissist In Your Life

So you just went No Contact with your narcissists? And instead of moving on with your life and finding someone better; you don’t want to. You want to keep thinking about them. So, do this to keep thinking about your narcissists. Because why in the world should you ever think you can have a life outside of them?

Your Love Can Change The Narcissist

Hey! Your Love Can Change The Narcissist: So Keep On Wasting Your Life

Ah! Love. There is nothing quite like it. Love can make us feel like we are flying and it can heal in so many ways. And this is especially true for the narcissist. Despite them lacking empathy (which is a prerequisite feeling one needs to…LOVE) they can still love us. Because your love can change the narcissist.