The Person Who Broke You Cannot Be The Person Who Fixes You

The Person Who Broke You Cannot Be The Person Who Fixes You

Love NEVER requires that you break in order to be loved. Narcissistic people have an insatiable desire to break and tear down everyone around them. Know this, the person who broke you cannot be the person who fixes you. If you are holding on to this idea that they can repair you after BREAKING YOU…STOP.

How To Divorce A Narcissists or A Psychopath

How To Divorce A Narcissist: Divorcing a Narcissist Guide!

So, you have finally exited the fog that the narcissist has placed you in. Congratulation Neos you have exited the Narcissistic Matrix. But the battle ahead will be very difficult. If you want to learn how to divorce a narcissist or a psychopath (I know…what’s the difference) follow these ten steps.

Hey! If You Defend Yourself Against A Narcissist, You Are The Narcissist

Have you been asking yourself, after the separation from the narcissists or while being with the narcissist, “am I the narcissists”? Well, if you defend yourself against a narcissist you are the narcissist. And in this article, I will explain how egotistical it is to defend yourself from unjust attacks.