When Your Narcissists Turns Everyone Against You

For many people having everyone we know around them, be against them, can be a crippling experience. We are, after all, social animals and the idea of being left alone by ourselves can be frightening and dehumanizing; to a point. When your narcissists turn everyone against you, the best thing to do is to simply…FORGET ABOUT EVERYONE, and here is why.

So You Have No Love For Your Narcissistic Parent...That's Okay

My Parents Are Toxic And I Hate Them…That Is Okay!

I know for many, this may be a touchy situation. And for many, they feel like they OWE their parents something because as these narcissistic parents so often spout “I gave you life” — thus I guess meaning from their airtight logic that, that somehow gives them the right to berate, violate, harm, hurt, destroy a childhood, and take so much from their child.


The Benefits Of Incense Sticks For Your Physical & Psychological Well-Being

It can be very difficult healing and moving on after a narcissistic relationship. The benefits of incense for your physical & psychological well-being are numerous. Incense could potentially help in your healing process. For many of us, the toxic mentality and the corrosive nature of the narcissists has contaminated so much of our character and spirit that moving on and trying to heal can at times feel like it is not attainable.