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Stop Chasing After The Narcissist: Don’t Feed Their Delusions Of Grandeur

Hey! Stop chasing after the narcissist because they are not worth it. I know for many, being chased after can be an exhilarating experience. For me, not so much; as I am an introvert. If I like someone and they like me I don’t see why we should do the whole chase thing. It just wastes time.

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Narcissists Megalomaniac Are Parasites And We Are The Host

The title above “Narcissists Megalomaniac Are Parasites And We Are The Host” is not meant to be a verbal insult against narcissists. But instead an objective observational comment. Narcs are in every sense of the word what you would call…a parasite. And empaths are the hosts. What I find very interesting in my research about …