11 Things That Narcissistic People Fear

11 Things That Narcissistic People Fear

11 Things That Narcissistic People Fear

Narcissistic people are NOT brave nor are they courageous. They are ill-mannered kidults who throw temper tantrums every time they don’t get what they want.

Be Brave and be courageous when you are around the narcissist in your life.

Never back down from these trolls.

Because once you understand how fearful these people are, all that power they took from you, will come right back to you.

In this article, I give you 11 things that narcissistic people are fearful of.

11 Things That Narcissistic People Fear

The Top 11 Things Narcissists Fear

# 1 – Abandonment

If there is one thing that strikes fear in a narcissist it is abandonment. Think for a second and ask yourself these questions:

“Why do they always look for so many supplies?”

“Why do they enjoy discarding people?”

“And why do they go batshit insane when you don’t respond to a discarding?” (This is why I PREACH THE GOOD GOSPEL OF NO CONTACT. It is the best revenge)

The reason is that this is a major fear of theirs. And because most narcissists really aren’t as smart or evolved as they think themselves to be, they cannot wrap their heads around being at peace with themselves.

And this is because these people are sadly: “an existence of pure chaos.”

Peace, order, serenity are alien concepts to them.

# 2 – Criticism

These people will criticize you in a heartbeat on how you look, walk, talk, eat, sleep and take a dump. But “Heavens To Murgatroyd” if you “suggest” a slight change in their outfit for the office party.

“You saying I’m fat?” (When the outfit is clearly revealing the truth)

“Why you like this tie? Is it because John wore it. Huh? HUHHHHHHHH? (Foam coming out the mouth)

This fear that narcissistic people have in regards to criticism comes from them having an extremely weak and fragile ego. This is exactly why they constantly need to find errors and fault in everyone around them.

This is also why they feel a need to constantly compare others to someone else. In their minds, they cannot accept the fact that they may not be as good as they think/ or want.

So to defend their fragile egos they love to see other people fail and they love to sabotage others. They believe in their minds if they can get someone to fail it will damage their confidence.

Narcissistic people HATE CONFIDENT PEOPLE. Click To Tweet

# 3 – Betrayal

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It is okay if they betray us because in their minds “everyone betrays everyone”.

(Check out my article on blameshifting/projecting)

We better make sure that we never betray them. Even after the dozens of times, they have done so to us…ON A DAILY BASIS.

This fear that they have of betrayal again is a result of their fragile egos. Being betrayed to them feels like we are saying they are not enough. And as we have already said, these people fear not being good enough, hence the need to have so many friends, flashy cars, nice clothes and plenty of supply.

They are addictive people.

# 4 – Humiliation

They hate the idea of being humiliated. This is why most of them are always scowling around. If they can look like they are someone NOT TO MESS WITH then nobody will mess with them.

Flawless logic.

They are in every sense of the word the missing link in our evolution. They are walking among us. This irrational fear of thinking everyone is out to make you look foolish or just wanting to hurt you is an UNEVOLVED way of thinking and living.

And yes, I know that there are many people out there like this. Hence is why I say “Narcissists aren’t as rare as we think they are.”

They are the missing link in our evolution. We can’t find it because they are standing right next to us. Being an empath is a step up in our evolution.

To them, humiliation means a sign of weakness. And like animals out in the wilderness, the moment they show weakness they will get eaten alive.

And humiliation is like being eaten alive by the eyes and opinions of PEOPLE THEY DON’T KNOW.

# 5 – Loneliness

I often say, “I can occupy the same space with people and still feel worlds apart”. Being around people doesn’t always mean you aren’t going to feel alone. In fact, this is perhaps the worse type of loneliness that one can ever feel.

Loneliness for a narcissist is like a hell. Because despite their “I’m so great” attitude, they don’t like themselves as much as they would like others to believe. Hence the constant need for attention and validation.

And what other way to keep from being lonely than but to stir up conflict and chaos. Have people hate you so they will keep thinking about you.

This is why learning how to detach yourself emotionally and learning how to ignore them are vital for your healing process.

# 6 – Rejection

Narcissistic people are emotionally fragile. Rejection to them is literally like feeling burned, hence the phrase “oh, you got burned” when someone is rejected.

The reason for this is because for some people being rejected lights up the same areas of the brain where people who have been burned is located.

In a new study using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), researchers have found that the same brain networks that are activated when you’re burned by hot coffee also light up when you think about a lover who has spurned you. – Health.com

These people literally feel like they have been burned because of a rejection.


This is why I champion NO CONTACT. You get back at them for ALL the insanity they put you through and they destroy themselves without us even having to lay a hand on them.

# 7 – Being Disrespected


Because they feel like they are worthless — having someone disrespect them only validates and confirms that they really are worthless. And disrespect for them can come in many forms, which to us don’t really appear to be disrespectful.

Some incidents that they believe us being disrespectful are:

  • Not saying “hi” to them; even though they don’t show any signs they are looking for our attention
  • Having a life without them in it
  • Not giving them attention; despite the fact that they give the same lack of attention to us
  • Being happy (you know because happiness is a limited commodity that only certain people can have in life)
  • Just being us (How dare we be who we are and NOT what they want us to be)

You know the typical disrespectful things in life.

# 8 – Being Ignored


To ride around again back to the idea that narcissists are emotionally fragile beings. Being ignored has been shown to cause pain in people who are seeking attention. The same areas of the mind that are associated with pain light up in people who are feeling ignored or ostracized.

Their fear of being ignored makes them do some of the most batshit and bizarre things you will ever see in adults.

These are the people who will stalk, spread rumors, break-in into your house/apartment, verbally assault you and even physically assault you.

This is their way of showing they are hurt and because they are hurt you have to hurt. They are children at the highest caliber.

Like a child who doesn’t get attention from mommy and daddy draws on the walls. So to will, a kidult narcissist lashes out in all manners of ways.

I remember (a quick story from my own past) some narcissistic people I worked with who I wasn’t ignoring, but simply not acknowledging (because we didn’t NEED to talk at ALL) had tried to RUN INTO MY CAR to get my attention.

They tried to RUN INTO MY CAR before I moved out the way…just to get attention.

# 9 – Exposure


They are like Vampires. Being brought out into the lights will destroy them.


# 10 – Aging


I wrote an article on “The Fate Of The Aging Narcissists“. Narcissists are scared to grow old. They know they will lose their looks, charm, status, and most of all the will over others.

Like an old lion, they will be run off to die alone. And you know what, most of them end up in old folks homes with NO ONE BY THEIR SIDE.

Am I glorifying their end?


But this is a truth to how so many of these people end up.

# 11 – People Who Are Brave


Lastly, narcissistic people are scared of people who are brave. They fear people who are brave because they know they cannot control them.

This is why narcs always go after people who are apologetic and effusively sympathetic to their kidult behavior.

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