10 TV Fictional Narcissists

10 TV Fictional Narcissists

6 – Brian Griffin (Family Guy): TV Fictional Narcissists

TV Fictional Narcissists

Love it or hate it.

Family Guy is here to stay from what it seems like.

The earlier seasons of family guy, Season’s 1 -7, with Season 3 or 4 being perhaps the best seasons, were smart, funny, and witty.

Brian, during these seasons, was the voice of reason. However, after the show’s second cancellation and revival, Brian would later become a DOUCHE.

No longer the voice of reason, or the smart writer, Brian would now become a lowlife.

Banging a navy seal’s girl behind his back.

Flirting with Meg’s HIGH SCHOOL girlfriend.

Forcing himself on Lois.

And speaking of Lois and the family in general, they could all be considered narcissistic.

The way they treat Meg is disgusting.

But Brian hits the narcissistic goal for several reasons:

  • His addiction to Alcholol
  • Brian’s taste in female
  • His smug attitude about driving a Prius
  • His attempt to APPEAR SMART
  • Attempting to sabotage Stewie’s writing success
  • Abandoning his son

As Glen Quagmire once said, “he is just the worst.”

TV Fictional Narcissists

2 thoughts on “10 TV Fictional Narcissists

  1. I’ll mention a few. Some Animated Disney Villains like Scar, Dr. Facilier the Shadow Man, Frollo and his Hellfire song “choose me or you will burn”, Queen from Snow White, Cinderellas Stepmom from hell, Gaston who loves being superior and smear campaigns Bells father.

    Jerry from Rick and Morty is 100% covert narc loser!

    But the one Narc that is my all time personal favorite is the classic Narc, Luke Valentine from Hellsing Ultimate / Hellsing OVA.

    You see, Luke thought he was perfect. He thought he was top dog. “I have all your powers and MORE!”. But his opponent Alucard is on another level when he starts releasing his restriction levels.

    This character shines both in the original work as well as the Team Four Star Hellsing Abridged version. The abridged version is downright hilarious.

    And Luke totally gets what he deserves. If you like Laughing at Narcs, you’re gonna love what you see…

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