10 Skills You Need To Cultivate To Have A Happy Life

10 Skills You Need To Cultivate To Have A Happy Life

Life is too damn short to spend it living depressed. In this article, I give you ten skills that you need to cultivate to live a happy life. We get ONE GO at this thing called life. And I know for many of us who may have been hurt by life that we don’t see the beauty in life.

We don’t experience the pleasure of life. And we just can’t see a better future; hence the reason so many are caught and stuck in the past.


Life…as long as you can think, feel and hell, complain about it, is a blessing. The fact that you can complain and spend that energy on complaining means you can also use that energy (the same energy) to do something about your current situation.

I know the answers aren’t always crystal clear but keep trekking on. As you keep moving in the direction of positivity and having a better life, the whole journey will make itself clear.

Life is a gift. Live it happily while you can.

10 Skills To Live A Joyful Life

10 Skills You Need To Cultivate To Have A Happy Life

1 – Plan Your Happiness

You have to take proactive steps in planning out your life and how you want it to be. Think about this for a second. Your life went to hell because you allowed anybody and probably everybody to enter into your life. By not planning on what type of people you will allow, what thing you won’t accept and what you will not tolerate — you sabotaged yourself for hurt and pain.


Don’t feel bad. This is not to poke at you. I have done the same thing time after time after time.


It was because of this that I am now able to plan out my life. Plan out who I will allow in my life and plan out what I will do with my life.

By doing this I know the direction in life where I am headed. And for those who are not on my path or not going in the same direction, I can move on without them.

Plan your life because that will make life easier and make you much happier.

2 – Develop A Growth Mindset

10 Skills You Need To Cultivate To Have A Happy Life

Listen! We have ALL MADE MISTAKES.

I know for myself, dear eternity, the STUPID MISTAKES I MADE.

I have failed in front of hundreds. Been laughed at by thousands. And have been hated by millions.



I have developed a growth mindset.

Which is that I can always get better.

Learning how to see yourself as a person who is always trying to improve and become better FREES you from the past and the shame you may have felt.

This is my mantra: “Had I known better I would have done better.

Nuff said.

3 – Think Happy Thoughts

10 Skills You Need To Cultivate To Have A Happy Life

Okay! Get your Peter Pan on; except I do want us to GROW UP.

You have to become the master of your thoughts. This may not be easy but learn to master your thoughts. What I have done, and many others have, is to keep a rubber band on my wrist and snap it anytime I thought negatively about myself.

Learn to train yourself to think happy. Because if you think happy you will become happy.

4 – Boost Your Self-Confidence

The best way I have found to build my self-confidence is to simply do the things I am scared to do. Failing and throwing yourself outside your comfort zone will help you develop your self-confidence.

5 – Create a Worklife: BECOME YOUR OWN BOSS

10 Skills You Need To Cultivate To Have A Happy Life

This has been a saving grace for me. I know for myself I hated having a 9 to 5. Being surrounded by kidults who cry and moan because I did look at them.

God, people are childish.

Becoming your own boss will prove most valuable in helping you to have a happier life.

6 – Grow Tougher Skin (Laugh At Yourself)

Learn to laugh at yourself. The problem that many of us face is that we see ourselves as victims (which I WHOLLY BELIEVE IS KEEPING MANY OF US WEAK AND HURT). Being a victim does not help you. It weakens you.

Being a victim makes you anxious, depressed, insecure, and easily hurt in life.

Learn to laugh at yourself.

But more importantly, learn to NOT CARE WHAT OTHERS THINK.


“Everyone is jumping off a bridge. I gotta do it too!”

So don’t get too offended by their opinions; which they are just parroting.

7 – Be More Mindful Of Your Thoughts

Meditation is a wonderful way to train yourself to be aware of what your inner critic is saying. Try taking the 21-day meditation challenge to develop a stronger and more aware mind.

10 Skills You Need To Cultivate To Have A Happy Life

Sign up here with my affiliate link to take this 21-Day Challenge. It has been said it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Why not create a new habit?

8 – Find Your Purpose

10 Skills You Need To Cultivate To Have A Happy Life

Finding purpose will prove to be a life-saver. Most people stumble around in life without any purpose. By finding your purpose you will find something that you just can’t wait to wake up for.

9 – Practice Kindness

Kindness and generosity have been shown to make people happier.

10 – Build a Healthy Relationship

This isn’t always easy. But it sure as hell is worth it. Having a partner in life that will always be there for you is something that you can never buy.

A partner will make life much better. But if you don’t plan for a happy relationship, you will never have a happy relationship.

Know what you want. Meditate, or pray, on what you want.

And what you want will come to you.

Live life while you can.

Because once it is over…GAME OVER!

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