10 Reasons Why You Need Therapy

10 Reasons Why You Need Therapy

After living and being surrounded by a narcissist it is very common for someone to feel like their minds have been broken. Narcissists love to break people. And for this reason, it is important to speak with a therapist. Here are 10 reasons why you need therapy.

Understand that speaking with a therapist doesn’t mean you are insane. in fact, this is a great way to strengthen your own psyche.

Much of society hardly ever talk about their mental health issues and as a result what do we have:

  • School shootings
  • Corrupt Officials
  • Suicide due to a toxic workplace environment
  • Depression skyrocketing
  • and much more

Speaking with a therapist is no different than you going to the dentist because you have a sore tooth. And if you can visit a dentist for your toothache, why not visit a therapist for your mental health?

Why allow your mental health to keep on denigrating?


Which is to destroy you.


10 Reasons Why You Need Therapy

10 Reasons Why You Need Therapy

1 – Repeating Patterns

Triggers are going to happen in life.


But, with therapy, you can go right through your triggers. I am a firm and staunch believer that trigger warnings ONLY KEEP YOU WEAK.

And I know that may be a contentious thing to say, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that it keeps you weak.

You cannot go through life without ever being triggered by a past event. But you can strengthen yourself so next time you experience a trigger you don’t crumble…you can walk right through it.

2 – Family Issues That Are Making You Miserable

Sometimes, and this is very sad, talking to family members isn’t always the best thing. As they may be subjective to your experience and what you are going through. As much as they love you (or may not love you), their perception of you will be skewed.

This is more the reason to speak with a therapist who will be able to listen and see you form an objective vantage point.

3 – Feeling Stuck

Speaking with a therapist can help you climb up out of your mood. It is not uncommon for many people who have been hurt by a narcissist to get STUCK in the past. Ruminating over all the things they have done bad to them.

But with an OUTSIDE hand reaching out to you to help pull you UP…you can get unstuck and finally move on with your life.

4 – Can’t Make Up Your Mind

Narcissists have an amazing ability to make us doubt ourselves. And this probably goes without saying as that was one of the reasons we stayed so long with them. We constantly believed we were the problem.


For some people hearing someone other than close friends and family showing them how to be, independent can be the boost of confidence they need to finally take their lives back in their own hands.

5. Nothing Seems To Make You Feel Happy Any More


This is a term that I throw out there in some of my articles. That feeling of just feeling empty and that life has no purpose.

This is what narcissists do to people. They take away people’s purpose in life. And this is why I think laughter, and laughing at the experience we went through, is such a powerful tool.

Far too many people, feel empty after leaving their narcissists and forget what their purpose and life was all about BEFORE they were with their narcissist.

Speaking with a therapist is a great way to help you find that passion again.

6. Stuck In An Abusive Relationship

A therapist can give you the confidence to finally leave your abusive relationship by actually making you see the relationship for what it is.

For many people, they believe the words of others FAR more than they do themselves.

Now, therapists have an amazing ability, to help people build that confidence to start listening to themselves and not the world around them.

7. Mounting Anxiety

Anxiety, along with depression, is a major psychological issue that many people develop after leaving their narcissist. Having NIGHTMARES about these people is just sad. But, many people experience this.

A therapist will be able to help you move beyond your anxiety. Life is too damn short to live it in fear…ALL OF THE TIME.

8. Haunted By The Past

Rumination. This is something that eats away at ALL OF US.

I know for myself it took about two years until I got to the point that it no longer bothered me. But two years for me may be TOO LONG for someone else.

Just letting out that hurt, pain, shame, and anger can have a monumental impact on your progression in your continued mental health development.

9.Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD is not strictly confined to soldiers overseas who have fought in wars.

Anyone who has lived with a narcissist knows the constant warfare they must LIVE THROUGH on a daily basis. It has been shown in brain scans that children who grow up with narcissistic parents have the same brain scans as soldiers who have fought overseas.


Narcissists are a war. And the slightest thing can set them up to explode.

Much like soldiers who come back from the war and need to speak with a therapist, so too are people who have lived with narcissists.

10. Addiction To Alcohol, Drugs, Adult Vido, Gaming

Addiction is easily one of the most damaging aspects of a narcissistic relationship. Many people, not to want to deal with their pain, drink themselves silly. They may use drugs to numb themselves to live. Watch adult video to get that immediate high of feeling good. Or they may drift off not a world that is all fantasy.

Addiction is something that narcissist love to instill in their victims. A therapist will be able to help you get the root cause of your addiction, because that may be an issue that was not fully instilled by the narcissist but awoken by them, to help you conquer that and move on in life.

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Speaking with a therapist can do wonders for your emotional and psychological health.


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