There is happiness that can be found in not giving a f*ck. A supreme level of happiness that comes when you just stop giving a f*ck. A happiness like no other that you can ever know or experience, once you start to gain the temerity, the unapologetic temerity, of NOT GIVING A F*CK what others

No Amount Of Money Is Worth It: Leaving A Toxic Workplace Written By: Dennis D There is nothing worse than working in an environment that breeds negativity (Toxic Workplace). I used to work for a large bank, a permanent 8-to-5 job that gave me a relatively good annual salary. I had to wake up early

Breaking The Cycle

Breaking The Cycle: Walking Away Is The Only Option Sometimes Written By: A Reader OF Our Community My story begins in a small neighborhood in Atlanta, GA. I was seeing someone having just completed college and found a job at a communications firm. What I did not know is that I was beginning a journey

I know I am not the only one who has ever wondered, “what the hell did I do to this person for them to lash out, attack, and hate me with such fervor?” Narcissistic people are masters at making people believe that they are the bad guys. This is primarily because they have mastered the