I know I am not the only one who has ever wondered, “what the hell did I do to this person for them to lash out, attack, and hate me with such fervor?” Narcissistic people are masters at making people believe that they are the bad guys. This is primarily because they have mastered the


“Evil people rely on the acquiescence of naive good people to allow them to continue with their evil.”― Stuart Aken Life is a classroom. The people we meet are our teachers. The experience that we have from encountering these people are the test. And how we deal with the encounter is our grade. Passing or failing…is solely up to us!

Mental Gymnastics

Narcissists and Mental Gymnastics written by Conner Wood Follow Conner Wood on Quora Check out his BRILLIANT Quora Space => Narcissist Analysis! One thing Narcissists are known for is believing their own lies. These lies maintain their delusions, their fixed beliefs they need to keep believing. Why do they need to keep these delusional beliefs