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The Different Types Of Narcissists

The Different Types Of Narcissists!

Narcissists are everywhere! These people have such a skewed way of perceiving the world. And they have an even more skewed way of perceiving themselves.

To a narcissistic person, they truly believe themselves to be the center of the universe. This is exactly why so many of them can treat people as if they were nothing more than an item or tool for their pleasure.

Being around a narcissistic person can be extremely hazardous to your health. And when I say your health, I am not strictly talking about your emotional health, but your physical health, your spiritual health, and your mental/psychological health.

I say this not as a hyperbolic statement but as a real testimony on many people’s behalf; myself included.

Narcissistic people have the potential to cause PTSD in people.

Narcissists have the potential to drive someone insane.

Narcissists have the potential to make someone feel like they are worthless. So much to the point that people who have been discarded by their narc end up alcoholics, drug users, or in some cases…much worse (fill in the blank here of what you think).

And lastly, narcissists have the potential to…TAKE A LIFE ( domestic abuse can lead to a spouse’s death).


And this probably goes without saying for people who have been in relationships with these people. But this needs to be said.

Let Us Begin: Types Of Narcs

Types Of Narcs

In this article, I will go over the different types of narcissists out there. I am a firm believer that the more we know about these people THE LESS DAMAGE they can do.

Quick Note: I say creatures because NO HUMAN BEING would ever get JOY and PLEASURE from harming someone else. Rational human beings seek to help others. And this is exactly what these creatures, the narcs, look for. They look for good decent people to leech off of. Prove to me…that I am wrong. 

But for people who are JUST getting to learn about the Narc, let me break the different types of narcs down; so that you may better know which narc you may be dealing with, have dealt with, and which ones to look out for.

Oh! Did you think there was only one type of these creatures?

I did too until I started to learn.

What Is A Narcissist?

Types Of Narcs

A narcissist is a person who has an inflated ego. They “feel” (this being the operative word here) they are better than everyone else. Narcissists have an insatiable desire to make others around them their inferior.

A narcissist is also a person who wears many different masks. They know how to pretend to be someone and something they think we want.

A narcissist as I often like to say, “Could give Academy Award Winners a lesson in acting.”

They really are great actors.

And one of the major roles that they love to play…is being the victim.

Oh! Woe is me!

Ohhhhhhhh. Woe…Woe…Woeeee…is….meeee. 

(Curtain drop…and wait for the applause.)

Now I said, “feel” in my definition of “what is the narcissist” because narcissism is different from NPD. Sadly, many people believe them to be the same thing; which they are not.

What Is NPD?

Types Of Narcs

NPD is a mental disorder where the person believes they are better than everyone else because of a mental illness they have.

Does this justify their actions?


It doesn’t make what they do to others right. But it is very important to understand that there is a difference between narcissism and NPD.

One is a feeling (emotion) and the other is a biological factor (it is a mental illness). You can learn more here about the differences between Narcissism Vs. NPD.

With this said, I want to make know that my site Laughing At Narcs is not intended to make fun of people with NPD. Nor am I making fun of narcissists. I am poking fun at the narcissist characteristic and mindset.

Because laughter is great medicine. 

The Different Types Of Narcissists

Types Of Narcs

Now that we have an understanding of what narcissism is, let’s break down the different types. Please understand this before we continue.

Life is…WAR. 

No matter how much we may want to live in peace. No matter how much we may want to get along. And no matter how much we may want to try and UNDERSTAND OTHER PEOPLE

The truth of the matter is that there are just some really nasty and negative people out in the world. And we MUST be knowledgeable about these people.

They are NOT as rare as we may think they are.

To be a narcissist doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be loud and obnoxious.

There are narcissists out there who know how to play the victim trope to a tee. And then there are narcissists out there who just want nothing but your demise.

Because even if you did nothing to them...the act of doing nothing is something to them. Click To Tweet

Types Of Narcs # 1: Classical Narcissist

Types Of Narcs

“Hey, I’m through talking about myself. Let hear you talk about me now.” 

These are the narcissist that comes to most peoples mind when they think of narcissism.

They are also called “Hi-functioning, Exhibitionist, or Grandiose Narcissists.

These are the narcs that are: “Look at me. Look at me. Ahhhhh! I need attention ALL OF THE TIME. AHHHHHHH! ATTENTIONNNNNNNN! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” (Foam coming out of the mouth).

If you are having a conversation and it is not about them they will tune out. Everything has to be about them and if it isn’t then they will not be interested.

There are also the “charitable narcs“, meaning they will hold charity events and will want to be seen as if they are good and noble people. They do the right thing not because it is right but because it makes them look good.

Types Of Narcs # 2: Vulnerable Narcissist

Types Of Narcs

These narcissists are also known as the Fragile, Compensatory and Closet Narc.

These narcs feel superior but they don’t seek the spotlight.

They get their status by being around other people they deem great.

They like it when people feel pity for them about their ‘tragic past’. These are the people who love sympathy and believe this, they know how to play an empath’s emotion.

They hide in the shadows manipulating and getting people to do what they want.

Types Of Narcs # 3: Malignant Narcissist

Types Of Narcs

Lastly, these are toxic narcs. These are the narcs who use aggression, anger, manipulation and exploitative methods to get what they want.

You will find that these are the narcissist who CRAVES POSITIONS OF POWER.

These are the dirty cops, the corruptible politicians, the TSA guards, the unsavory teachers.

They are not too dissimilar to sociopaths because they, like many of the narcs, lack empathy. These narcs get pleasure from causing people harm. Hence the reason that they seek positions of authority.

Different Subtypes Of Narcissism

Listed above were the three major types of narcissists. But of these three types, they can be broken down into five different subtypes.

And just where you thought one was enough; right?

Subtype # 1: Overt

Types Of Narcs

These are the narcissist who will come out and be overtly chauvinistic. They feel so entitled and feel that they can put others down. They can be found mostly in the “classical narcissist”.

Not only are the chauvinistic but they will poke their noses into everyone’s business. Crossing boundaries just because the boundaries are there.

“This is for me?”

“You looking at me?”

“You thinking about me?”

“Hey, you want to be me?”


Narcissists will stick their nose in EVERYONE business.

Subtype # 2: Covert

Types Of Narcs

These are, what I call, the “coward narcs”. They feel so entitled but they will work from behind the curtains. This narcissist will want power and use others to get it.

They, to me, have no backbones. Covert Narcissists can be found amongst the “vulnerable narc”.

They can also come off as introverted. And when they say they like a person they will latch on to that person as if they were oxygen.

Examples of a Covert Narcissist would be:

The shy person. They want others to make the first move. They want others to know that is on their mind. And they want others to be there for them.

If they like someone they won’t just introduce themselves like an adult…they will get someone to introduce them to that person on their behalf.

Being shy is a narcissistic tendency because it makes a person never have to do anything in life to get it. They just wait for others to speak, do and be for them.

Subtype # 3: Somatic

Types Of Narcs

These are the narcs who care about their image. They will spend money on plastic surgery, expensive clothes, and anything that will bolster their image. They can be found in all three of the major narcs.

Example of Somatic Narcissist (it is all about image):

People who flash money on youtube

Guys who flaunt how many girls they bagged

Subtype # 4: Cerebral

Types Of Narcs

These narcs care very much about their accomplishments. They need to have many accolades. They can be found in all three of the major narcissist.

Examples of Cerebral Narcissist are:

Know-it-alls (can’t teach them anything because they know everything)

Subtype # 5: Inverted

Types Of Narcs

These are a special breed. These narcs are codependent narcs. They will stay with a narc they deem powerful; just to get that validation and status.

Example of an Inverted Narcissists would be:

A FLYING MONKEY (they have no minds of their own and will feel powerful just by being with their narc god).

Be Not Afraid Of The Numbers

The different types of narcs out there may seem frightening. This may make you feel scared and alone. But fear not.

Because this is exactly how the narc would feel.

Narcs are a cowardly lot who think everyone is better than them.

This is why they are so angry. And this is why they keep trying to PULL US DOWN.

They want us with them in their pit.

And the moment we stand up to them and reveal to them the cowards that they are…they will shrink away.

Narcissists like to put on a front.

Once you show them you see through their disguise — they will back off and flee back into their little rat holes.

Don't fear the narc; laugh at the narc. Click To Tweet

Because laughter is the best medicine.

Thanks to Mindcology for breaking down the different types of narcissists out there.

I wholly believe once you realize what the narc is you can take back your power from them.


I call myself the Rational Humorist. Narcs to me are cancer to humanity. The only way to beat cancer is to fight back against it.

The best way to defeat a narc is to see them as the jokes they are.

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